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Lessons from year 2012 for internet marketers

new year 2013

I welcome you to new year 2013.

I don’t know stuffs you
experienced in year 2012 but
one thing I know is that
the year 2012 was a challenging
year for our industry.

It all started with several
trademark issues. After that the
almighty google started hammering
very had on websites that depend
on them for traffic generation.

Several businesses were lost to
that. No website was left out from
the google storm. Cnn and USA gov.
site was affected too.

I can remember a fellow that bought
websites for $50,000 before the
google penguine change that lost it
about 4 months later.

The site was bringing in about 40,000
monthly visitors and about $5,000
monthly income when he bought it.

But when google effect the change.

The site lots it’s 40,000+ visitors
and the monthly income. The site
can’t even be found in search engine


As bad as I believe the year 2012
was for business we did learn a
lot in process.

1. Never ever rely on one source of
website traffic or business model.

Years ago, buying penny traffic from
google adword and sending it to affiliate
offer was the hottest method. MOnths
later google decided to ban affiliates
and increase the cost of ads from $0.01
per click to as much as $50 per click
in some niche market.

Same thing happen with organic seo (search
engine optimization) traffic. Millions of
websites have been affected by several
google search traffic changes.

Conclusion – never, never, rely on one
source of traffic.

If you are just getting started and don’t
have cash to invest in paid traffic do
your best to maximize several free
traffic sources available.

Once you start earning do your best to
invest some of your earnings in paid

Note: In last few weeks of 2012 we did
invested quality time and cash in testing
several traffic sources. We are getting
good results already.

In fact I checked stat of one of the
‘test site’ minutes before composing
this message. We’ve been able to achieve
the 1,500 visitors per day target. We
can now scale that to 2,000 a day and
at same time work on conversion.

2. Take List Building More Serious

Building list of subscribers in your niche
market will put you in charge. You won’t
have to worry about any major industry

It will also give you opportunity to
network with other experts in your niche
market. That will even increase your
exposure and opportunity to build more
list and make more money.

You will be able to make money on demand.

Anytime you need cash you simply have to
send one message to your audience.

Note: you don’t sell offer message all the
time. You have to spend quality time to
build good relationship with them too.

END NOTE: To end this message I will advice
you to focus on only 3 things this year.

Offer – Traffic – Conversion

Network with other people in your niche
market regularly.

I wish you a prosperous 2013.

P.S – we are presently putting together
new membership site where you can get
all our new discoveries for free. We
intend to make the site available on
25th of December but I couldn’t create
the remaining video because of my ill
health. I’m even still feeling pains in
my chest and left arm.

Don’t forget to check us on facebook –

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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