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Internet Marketing Models Guru’s and facebook can’t do without


Over the years, most internet marketers had put aside the best business model and focus on hunting latest push button & atm business model. Unfortunately, most of this models (if not all) have failed us. It is painful. What’s even more painful is that the guru’s keep pushing such ideas to us.

What many people (may be including you)  did not know is that the only working model is that which the gurus are using to sell their idea to us. It is this same strategy that most successful companies are using too. I mean companies like,, pinterest etc.

The strategy is a very simple one. May be that is the reason why a lot of us continue to overlook it. It is EMAIL MARKETING. See, can you remember the number of email messages you receives from facebook alone a day? Can you remember number of email offer you receives from internet marketing guru promoting another internet marketing guru product? I bet it’s in dozens.

The question is why are they using one strategy and teaching something else.

See, you’ve probably come across something like this in their offer before:

“this particular amazing autopilot system is not what you think: it is not ppc it is not email marketing it is not joint venture it is not facebook it is not web2.0 it is xyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”[/box]

It is not email marketing, it is not jv and yet they always conspire with fellow guru to sell their latest ppc, cpa or facebook package through email. Isn’t that funny.

Few days ago I was thinking of how I got started. I started using one page website.

Here is exactly what I did;

I picked a product to promote

Set up one page website

I didn’t even write any article. I used the information provided by the merchant.

I signed up for 30 days free autoresponder service.

I uploaded email messages I got from merchants to the autoresponder.

And got my link added to a website that is already getting good visitors already.

Their was no blog then. Search engine like Google was still new then. The most popular search engine was yahoo. And still the system work then. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘money is in the list’ before. It is still true till today.

Why did we have to rely on latest guru idea today. We don’t even have to use system that completely rely on website like, or any other website for that matter. Many internet marketers lost profitable business in past months all because of google panda or penguine. So if you set up website that rely on google organic traffic alone, what if google release ‘google sandy’ weeks later.

The summary of my message is simple. Whatever model you use online, it is very important you do everything to be in control. Make sure you build list of subscriber.

Make sure you don’t rely on google for website traffic. Invest in several paid traffic where possible.

P.S – I wrote a report several years ago on how I earned my first 100 dollars online. It is about simple list building system I reference in this article. I will provide the download link here soon.

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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