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How To Survive Debilitating Cash Crunches In Business


In my last article titled ‘how to make money online and offline as a joint venture deal broker’, I shared few offline and online case studies on how people make money online and offline by leveraging their hidden assets, other people money, other people knowledge, other people list, other people product etc.

The feedback I’ve been getting has been awesome. The fact that some readers signed up for New Toll Gate Millionaires course on joint venture marketing confirm that you guys like the idea. For that reason, I want to share extract from Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase’s book (What They Don’t Teach You At Lagos Business School) that confirm the idea of making money without money.

Read it here:

Several times in the early days of our publishing career, we ran into financial brick walls, a kind of cul-de-sac. Money would be miraculously injected into the business, and we would be on cloud seven for a couple of weeks, and then we would hit a brick wall again. It was like driving on a street that you believed led to another street, only to discover, at the end of the street, that it was a “close”.

Two or three instances when this happened to us will illustrate the point. In all the years that we were struggling in business, the one reason I hold responsible for our situation, more than any other, was the fact that we didn’t have what I called “adequate capital.” In several books I read just before we started in business and many that I read thereafter, it was emphasized that lack of adequate capital was one of the major reason why businesses fail.

Well, I’ll crave the indulgence of would-be entrepreneurs to allow me to modify that claim based on what I now know.

If you have a sound idea (a sound idea by my definition is an idea that has a ready market for the product or service before you start it and you know where the market is), you will never have to worry whether or not your capital is adequate.

Let’s examine this theory. If I know a company that wants to buy cars (that’s a market); and I know the company that sells the type of cars this other company wants to buy (which is the product or service), all I would need to provide before I make a sale) and of course profit), is either the physical cash to buy and supply the cars or an idea of how to link the two companies and still make commission in the process.

What I’ve just described is the frame work for every business you see. No matter what business you are setting up, or what model you adopt, that is basically what you are doing: creating a product or service, finding a buyer, and making a sale.

What you just read is true experience from publisher of number 2 most read daily publication in the country. I intentionally underlined the part where he reference the idea of linking two companies and getting paid in the process. If you read my last article you should still remember few ideas I shared with you where average people like you are making good sum linking companies or leveraging their own assets. You can do same too.

It is even a lot easier on internet because all you need to do is send email. I bet you know how to do that already.  If you have your own product it just make it easier as you only need to find people that have your audience. You can do that using,, followerwonk and few other tool from If you don’t have a product, you can take control of other people’s product without cash. You only need to know what to say.

The best part is you don’t even need your own product to profit from Joint venture and deal making. Check out

If you join the tollgate millionaires this week I will send you my report on best JV deals you can leverage, sample emails to send to prospective partners to get them to work with you, what to say that will make a product owner to give you control of their product without paying a cent.

P.S You can Get a copy of the book ‘What They Don’t Teach You At Lagos Business School’ by Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase from SADC book store okota.

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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  1. Thank you very much for another great insight on joint venture marketing. I know Dr. Sunny too. I’ve read lots of his article in Success Digest magazine. However, I haven’t read his book. I will get a copy of the book. Your also sound interesting. I will sign up this week to benefit from your report.

    1. Paul, JV is great. Whether you have your own product or not. Get a copy of Dr. Sunny’s book. I’ve learn a lot from the book myself too. His book make it obvious to me that most business people experience almost same thing at the beginning.

      However, using LEVERAGE & Joint venture strategy they survive faster. Hope to see you as part of TollGate Millionaires soon.

  2. I read your last article how to make money from joint venture online and offline. Brother I enjoy it. I also like Jay Abraham’s report you shared. I know more about JV now than ever but still I will be joining your Tollgatemillionaires too. Thumbs up.

  3. Another interesting one. Thank you. I’ve read Dr. Sunny’s book. I love that man. I love your idea of JV too. I’ve used JV too. I did some real estate stuffs. And earn good commission. However, I will love to learn more from you. Most especially how to do it online.

  4. Thanks for the timely information. jv is great, Dr sunny is also a respected author, he is the one that exposed some of us to internet business in Nigeria. I have read many of his articles. kudus to him.

    1. You are right. Dr. Sunny is a pioneer of internet marketing in this country. Many may not believe it. When he was doing seminar on internet opportunity in 1999 majority of people that are selling and buying online now don’t know what was. I like reading his write ups too.

  5. intrested toooooooo

    1. The first step is getting a copy of Then you have access to other case studies and ideas on using JV.

  6. joint ventures are truely like leverage business and you dont even need money to start it.

  7. I am not new to joint venture, all my life revolve around it and i have done so many business without my own money and i profited from it and alot of people benefited from it. It is real and very possible. The reason i love it is that i can always leverage on other people to do stuff i dont want to do and still get paid. However you must trust your gut.

  8. Thanks for the info, i think leveraging is good, if you know how to go about it in the right manner.

  9. Hi Lateef,
    The white boys really understand the win – win situation JV brings to entrepreneurs. I hope sooner than later we have to learn to do it right.

  10. wow, amazing insight again,i hope to learn about joint venture,the right way.Great perspective from my mentor,just hope to get many more of these articles on a regular basis


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