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How to make money online and offline as a joint venture deal broker

Hidden assets concept

You are leaving money on the table and you don’t know it.

I will proof it to you in this article.

Several years ago, I was manager of few petroleum filling stations. One day, a fellow came to one of our station looking for job. He was so desperate. After long discussion with the fellow I discovered he can make money without working with us. The fellow once worked with a filling station as a depot rep. He has within his reach a good channel of distribution.

I wonder what a man with much connection in the industry need a N15, 000 a month job for? Since we didn’t have vacancy in any of our filling station at the time I connect the fellow with the one of our depot rep.

I suggest he should consider acting as a deal broker between our filling station and his distribution network. In fact, I got him to realize he can make much money doing that for us and other filling stations. He took my advice. On every 33,000 liters of PMS (petrol) this guy bring to our station as a broker he gets 50k to 1.50 depending on the source.

And he supplies us minimum of 5 in a month.  He earn from N82, 500 to N247, 500 a month just from deals he brings to our filling station alone. And that’s not all. Anytime we have excess supply we also sell to his distribution and he still earn as much.

Within months, my friend started construction of his 3 bedroom apartment in outskirt of lagos state. And he bought a car that makes his movement from depot to filling stations easier. Though it’s been long I quit as manager of filling stations but I’m still a very good friend.

I know another lady banker. She works with wema bank then. Somehow she lost her job. She told me she wants to go into oil and gas business as supplier. While working in bank she had idea of how much they spent on purchase of AGO (popularly known as diesel). Most companies in the country rely on big generators.

The generators require several thousand liters every week. I linked the lady with my friend in the field. She earn a lot more in a month than she earn as a staff of bank. Her lifestyle changed because as a banker she always has to wake up 5am and doesn’t get back home till very late in the night.

We have an event place we’ve not really used for some time now. We didn’t use it because I was very busy with other personal projects. The event place can contain 40 people conveniently. There is a projector, sound system, and a mass cd duplicator. When I did calculation of how much I would have made allowing other people to use the place for event it was couple of millions of naira. I could have as well trade the place for something else with other companies. I will be doing a lot of that from January.

Few weeks ago, I met a friend I knew several years back at a bread bakery. He was a staff helping them distributing bread to wholesalers that sells to retailers and other outlets. The last time we discuss, the bakery was out of business for poor management by the owner. He was more interested in other businesses.

So, when I met these friend weeks ago, he was looking for job. I told him to never look for job. I advise him to leverage his asset. I suggest he help other bakeries that are still in business to sell their bread. All he has to do is to link the bakery to existing distribution channel. I see my friend making a lot of money from the bakeries and his distribution channel too.

I have two Barbing salon owners that compete to barb my head for me now. Not because what I pay them. They were happy with deals I made for them to get more customers. Sincerely the idea wasn’t mine. It is one of Jay Abraham’s. In of Jays material, I read about a referral system a hairstylist in California USA used to get loads of customer without spending a cent on advertisement.

When I discussed same idea with first salon guy he didn’t took me serious until he started getting overwhelmed with customers.

The joint venture, deal making, toll gate system and piggy backing system are also applicable online. In fact it is a lot easier online. I’ve seen people making million dollars deal online with just email exchange. Personally, I’ve use it to create and launch products successfully in past.

Presently, I have plan to raise couple of hundred thousand dollars and I intend using same system. Let me give you little hint. There are several experts, coaches, and lots of people with talents you can get access to through and few other professionals networking place I know. There is another site called where I get hundreds of influencers on numerous topics that have a lot of followers.

There are several authors on that need help to sell more of their book and their expertise too. I have a facebook page on parenting. A parenting book publisher contacted me through facebook. He needs help. He wants to sell more books. I know he want more than that. He wants more money and all I have to do is help him create additional profit center using my joint venture and deal making knowledge.

Not long ago, a fellow American contacted me after reading one of my posts on on setting up Authority website. I was surprised when I discovered the fellow is Fitness Advisor to the popular Men’s Health Magazine.

Let me give you one more. Sometimes in October I came across article on benefit of Almond oil for hair restoration. I curate the story and shared it one of my websites on essential oils. After sharing the post, the lady discovered it and comment on the post thanking me for sharing her post.

I did a little search about the lady and discovered that she has a lot of youtube videos; Quality videos with very few views. So I decided to make her an offer to represent and promote her. We have plans to create membership based sites with some of her content.

I wish I can go on and on with case studies. But I don’t want to keep this article longer than it is already.

You also have hidden assets.

The only problem is majority of people can’t recognize this on their own.

For some time now I’ve been using joint venture and deal making strategy myself. I have to tell you the truth though; I learn everything from top marketers like Jay Abraham, Mike Enlow, Robin Elliot and few others. I invested over $10,000 in my education getting best materials. I’ve earned that back severally.

Here is a quote from one of Jay Abraham’s Collections I have:

“Every human being I have ever met, irrespective of the business, the job, or the life situation they are in, possesses at least one (and normally multiple) instant jackpots that are within their grasp. All they have to do is identify them, recognize them, believe that they are there, and believe that they are entitled to harvest those jackpots and the financial and personal wealth and riches that come along with them. Once they do, all these people have within their possession within 30 days or less incredible treasure troves of instant wealth, success and riches, both financial and personal.”

When I signed up for his $5,000 live event in Singapore few years ago a brother thought I was crazy. Today I’m the one enjoying it.

You’ve probably seen my course on joint venture marketing. I called it tollgate millionaire. You can see it here:

I want to share with you instant jackpot opportunity as Jay Abraham call it. My goal is to help you not only to identify, but to immediately harvest at least one – and preferably multiple – instant jackpots for yourself and your family. If you think this is for you checkout fast. Also, email me (support AT to get free online consultation on how to tap into this big opportunity. Use ‘Instant Jackpot’ as subject of your message.

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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  1. Wow, this is truely an eye opener.Now I understand why it is said that “the problem with broke people is not lack of money but rather lack of idea or knowledge”.There’s truely money everywhere. Thank you for this Mr Lateef.

    1. You are right Oladayo. Few years ago, a mentor (a successful nigerian self made multi-millionaire) share his experience with me after reading about my course. He said at the beginning of his life he was so poor. He allowed poverty to cloud him to point he couldn’t see opportunities within his reach. Eventually, he started his business by leveraging his existing assets he didn’t value for years.

  2. Nice one Mr. Lateef, you have made my day with this post. I tell you joint venturing as always been the game the big guys play, when they need quick cash. I see alot of that everywhere on the internet this days.I bought a package from one Gin and since then, His been sending other of his friends offer to me.

    Offcus, I knew he will get his cut from the offer if i decided to buy or any other persons. To me that is pure joint venture. Mr. Lateef thank you again you are really a good mentor…. only that some-times it touches your head you don`t respond to my calls, well it ok…keep up the good work. Some day i wish to joint venture with you ooo !.

    Albert Henry
    Owner of Cash-Links Global Services

    1. That’s the Secret Albert. Many did not even know it’s very much applicable in our day to day activities offline. People can call it any name, joint venture, joint venture brokerage, tollgate system, barter etc. They are all form of LEVERAGE by tapping into your existing hidden assets or that of others.

  3. This is great share. I am using this information as we write.

  4. Nice article but the site cannot open. i mean the tollgatemillionair.

    1. Sorry brother. I made a mistake it is –

      1. Wow! i see JV as another online gold mine but i believe it is meant for only serious minded people.Though, this is not the first i hear about it but i have not giving it a trial.This time i will leave no stone unturn to tap into this goldmine. It sounds so simple and obtainable. Thanks Mr.Lateef for awakening the mind again on JV.

        1. Good to have you here Felix. From my understanding the reason why a lot of people don’t always tap into this is they see JV as JV and not as a LEVERAGE SYSTEM. JV most people know is that between a big list owner and a product owner. But if you see JV as a leverage system. You will know that it’s more than that. Any other form of deal making is JV too. And you can do it with or without list or product of your own.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing this. you have opened my eyes to the benefit of JV. i will reassess my abilities and see what can be used for joint ventures. All the same i need more information on how to do this effectively.

    1. I just send you one of Jay’s material. First thing you will discover is to uncover your hidden assets, skills and money hobbies. You will find this on page of that book. I’m also thinking of launching a group where you will have your skills, assets and money hobbies analyze and make deals with you.

  6. Everyone of us has hidden assets and skills that can transform us financially and otherwise. Mentor, you are really doing a great job. Count me in.

  7. men. i know the power of joint ventures and am using it albeit not fully. would have loved to invest in your course if not for time constraints

  8. I believe we all have one or two hidden assets that we can leverage on and earn from it.Though this is not the first time I will be reading this from you but still all about focus, consistency and speed.Thanks.

    1. Brother, I will say ‘Just Do It’. First dedicate view hours to brainstorm on what those assets are. Then think of ways you can leverage it. If you can’t think of ways to leverage it you can discuss it with somebody that understand the system. I will be ready to offer suggestion anytime.

  9. very nice article, let me be proactive and offer my services here for any of the members of this esteemed group to join me for joint ventures and partnership, this is my contact,, facebook; ben aloje, whatsapp;08033679526,bb pin;27fff205,
    i run an educational consultancy network called Thinkbox Associates based in lagos ,accra and now in india from 2014, we are seriously looking o expand our dtatabase of clients who are interested in quality education, so please if anyone here is interested in helping us get clients,feefl free to contact me,may God bless our hustle.
    our facebook page;

    1. Let’s do it Godson.

      Quick Questions;

      1. Who is your clients?
      2. What are they buying now or who may likely have them have then as client now?

  10. Thank you very much Mr Lateef for sharing this J V information, i knew you talked about this Joint Venture since 2010 but i was lukky to be in your list this year. Please i will also like to have materials on J.V God bless you for our generation.


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