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How to launch profitable authority site without buying Ryan Deiss AuthorityROi Course

Hey, I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy Ryan Deiss Authority Roi course. See, I’m considering buy it myself too. You can read my review of the Authority Roi launch process. However, this article is for you if you are not even considering getting a copy of the product. The article bellow is transcript of video I create yesterday for my netprofitszone insider members.


In this video I want to show you a very simple case study on how traffic to engaging content business model work.

By now you already know that of all the 3 models that I shared with you, my favorite is traffic to engaging content.

Let’s quickly talk about why I prefer this to other models:

You can build list faster

Recommend affiliate product

Establish authority in market

Several promotion opportunities

Opportunity to leverage other site in your market

With this opportunity listed you will agree with me that this is a composition of other methods explain inside netprofitszone.

Today we will be analyzing a very simple project you can start today.

The website for the case study is

This is the website.


When you land on this website for the first time – what you see first is the pop up box opt-in box.

The purpose of this box is very simple. It is to get the contact details of visitor to this website. If the visitor enter his name and email address what it means is that the owner of the website will have his/her contact details.

The owner of the website get the contact details and also have the opportunity to redirect the visitor to another page where he/she (site owner) instantly promote a product that has to do with ‘getting in shape’ to the visitor that just subscribe even before the visitor get access to the free ebook he subscribe for.

Another benefit is the free ebook can have affiliate links inside. And thus give the site owner more opportunity to make more money.

What you need to put in place.

1. You need a giveaway offer. In this case the free offer is free ebook on ’3 steps to get in shape’. It can be downloadable pdf book, audio book, video or software.

Question now is – how do you get idea of what to give away?

I’ve shared in the past how to get idea from magazine title. You can refer to that.

When you have idea for your giveaway you can outsource creation of the report or create it yourself.

A simple way to do that is to compile questions people are asking that market. Say for example; I want to create a short report on ‘getting in shape’ I can go to question and answer website like I will compile the questions people are asking. You may now want to ask me how you answer the question if you are not an expert on the topic.

You don’t have to be an expert to make money from niche market of your choice. Your duty is to act as a bridge between the experts in the industry and the end users. After-all the experts can’t reach everybody in the niche. And they don’t even have the marketing experts like you do.

What to do with the questions?

Email it to experts to answer it for you. We do this regularly for our website. For example, we recently publish such interview on our website. Within 24hrs of publishing the content the particular article got 148 facebook like – which means at least over 148 people have read the interview. Best part is we didn’t promote the article at all. And the site is relatively new too. Which means we don’t have any existing audience?

Who promote the content?

It is simple.

The expert I interview promote it to her audience. Imagine what will happen if we do say 10 of such, or 20, 30, or even 40 a month. We will definitely have thousands of visitors without paying a dime.

In this case you are not compiling the questions and answer for your site as article, you are compiling as a giveaway report. It is same process. The first success story about my internet adventure was all about selling a compiled question and answer interview on dog bite prevention.

You can also use private label report. You can use resource provided by product owner as giveaway too. One powerful technique I see some smart guys using is this; they choose a product that has ‘video has the salescopy’ on their website or have video as part of affiliate promotion material. They will offer this video as a free giveaway on their own website. Whenever somebody subscribe they simply redirect the person to the video (usually hosted on product owners website).

Next you need autoresponder service. The two popular providers are and

Next you need plugin like ‘pop-up domination’ to have a pop up box that look like one you see on website.

Now let us analyze the website –

This is the website.

First I want you to take a look at the domain name very well. You can see that it is a well formulated domain name. This type of domain name is more of a brand name. It is a perfect fit for bit authority site project. So remember that when setting up your own website.

First thing I want you pay attention is the type of article on the website. As you can see on this website – it is more of a ‘list’ article; 7 ways, 10 best, top 10 xyz. Such is the type of article that do well on internet.

Another thing I want you to pay attention to is the image of the site. You will see that the image is a perfect fit to the title of the site. You can get good copyright free image to use if you search google. Whether it’s copy right free or not, the best thing is to give credit to the source. Alternatively, you can get image from stock photo site like

The page we are on now is the home of the website. And as you can see it is a long page which confirms that it is a blog site. Most often you visitors won’t be entering your website through home.

Now let us check the article page.

I want you to pay attention to what you are seeing on the article page.

You can see social media button by the site of the article. You can set this up using a plugin called socialbar. The social media button help make content on your website viral. If you article is good people will click on the social media button like ‘facebook like’. When they do it will make your content viral and end up bringing more visitors to your website indirectly.

At the top of the article is a banner with which the owner of the site is promoting affiliate program. In this case the program is a cpa offer.

When you scroll down you will see adsense advert bellow the article. It is an extra income for the site.

You will also see facebook comment under the page. The facebook comment also help the virality of the page like the social botton we talk about before.

There are other stuffs that can be added to the site to improve the conversion of the site. However, setting up a simple site like this is a very good beginning for a big authority site.  You can check one we are presently working on here.


1. Pick a niche – see your site can be on any topic as long as there are good numbers of audience in the market. Let me give you a quick tip. If there is magazine on the topic I can bet it’s a good start. Anything that has to do with health/fitness, relationship, money, famility survival, and hobbie will be a very good start.

2. A Memorable Name – you need to get yourself a memorable domain name like A good brand name will help your project.

3. You need article ideas. Though the popular believe online now is that there are too much content on internet – so we should concentrate only on curating content of other people. That is exactly what Ryan Deiss and Dr. Harlan’s course are all about. I agree content curation is good. But launching your site with original content will help too. So come up with good interesting topic people will love to share.

4. You write or outsource the creation of the content.

5. You find hot offers to promote.

6. Write or outsource creation of review content for each offer.

7. Install your site, add theme, plugins and do necessary configurations.

8. Add the initial content you outsource as article post on your site.

9. Add the review content of the offers you intend promoting as pages for your site.

10. You need something to giveaway.

11. Autoresponder is essential for list building.

12. Set up the social media accounts – facebook, twitter and pinterest.

13. If you have cash launch promotion of your site using content discovery engine service like, nrelate, taboola or discuss. You can use’s service too.

14. If you don’t have cash for paid promotion – you can use outreach marketing. Outreach marketing is about you building relationship with other people in your market (most especially influencers).

Using a model like this you don’t have to worry about getting ranked in google. It will come almost effortlessly because directly or indirectly you are giving what they really want.

When you use content discovery engine to promote your content or outreach marketing to promote content on your site here is what will likely happen;

if your content is superb visitor will stay to read it all, then click on the social media button or click on another related post on your site. That improves usage of your site and reduces the bounce rate. Also, some of the reader of your content will likely have their own website and may end up linking to your without you even asking for it.

And when they link they will be using natural phrases as anchor text. So what you get is natural backlinks which is another factor google consider in ranking your site. So it means over period of time you will start getting free organic traffic from google.

Then you can start reducing what you spend on paid promotion if you want. However before then you will still be getting visitors, building list and making money using content discovery engine, content outreach marketing and other promotion you know.


This is a simple model that you can set up at the beginning of the week and see result by the end of the week. You don’t have to wait for days to make money online any long. In fact if you use the paid promotion service you can start seeing result in as little as 24hrs. Paid promotion on site like is a bit cheap for promoting your content. You can get a click for as little as $0.03 a click. You can do the calculation.


I’m convinced if I end this presentation without making you offer that will help you to get started faster – you may not forgive me. So here is my offer for you;

1. Step by step guide – I will be providing a detail step by step guide on each steps you need to take. Not only that, you will get technical support you need to get started too. If you think this is for you email me today.

2. Do it for you service – what if I set up a complete site like this for you? What if you don’t pay for the service until the site is delivered to you? It is possible. If you want this service contact me too. All you need to provide is what is needed to get the site up. When we deliver your site (in 48hr or less) you can pay service charge. So email me now.


by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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  1. how much is the whole package and what guarantee do i have that i will actually make money? have been duped a lot. and i really want something that will work.


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