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How Mates sold 5 billion Velcro

I am reading a book titled 3 feet from Gold. It’s was a story of a fellow (Greg) that was learning principle of success as written by Napoleon Hill in the book Think And Grow Rich.

Greg’s mentor sent him to a business man to learn more about life principle. Before meeting the businessman he did a little research about him. He Learn’t the business man has sold over 5billion of his product.

So during the meeting he asked him how he sold his product Velcro to 5 billion.

Here’s his responses:

“We didn’t ,” came the quick reply. “We sold Velcro to five people.”
Greg stared at his lunch partner with a confused expression.

Mates said, “What I did was capture the leaders. I knew it would take forever to discover and sell everyone in the world on the many uses of this ingenious material, so I set my sights on selling only five specific individuals: the heads of the automotive, medical, aerospace, fashion, and furniture industries.
In other words, I captured the leaders and then allowed them to corner their individual markets. In turn, they discovered the applications for the product and sold it to ultimate consumers.”


Using the same strategy you can get faster result online.

We call the leaders ‘INFLUENCERS’ online.

The influencers are like political ‘god Father’. The political ‘god father’ have followers that trust them. So they can easily influence the group of people. All you have to do is to think of ways you can tap into their audience.

How do you get influencers online?

It is a lot easier to uncover and reach leaders (influencers) online nowadays. You will find them on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and pinterest. Majority of them are bloggers and digital publisher with thousands of subscribers.  Since you’ve already sign up for our insider series you will discover how to reach influencers that will help you sell more of your affiliate products or your own product without you strugling for it. You will have email template to edit and send to them. This templates are proving templates.

If you are not part of our 21days challenge then I will suggest you consider joining now as you get step by step guide on how to set up simple project that earn you $100 or more a day. Once you know how to do one – you simply set up more like it or grow one you have.
In Next few days I will compile important quotes from the book ‘three feet from gold’. You can get a copy of the book from your motivational book store.

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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