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10 WordPress Plugins Your Small Business Blog Can’t Do Without

10 WordPress Plugins

What are WordPress Plugins? Well, WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog.

WordPress plugins

What this means is that a WordPress plugins adds functionality to a WordPress site.

10 WordPress Plugins you can use for your small business blog:

1. Akismet – By Automattic

Akismet checks comments and trackbacks to see if they are spam or they look like spam. If the comments and trackbacks are deemed bogus, they would be automatically shuffled over to your WordPress installation’s spam folder.

2.  All in One SEO Pack – By Michael Torbert

This plugin is widely considered a WordPress essential, This wordpress plugins should be one of the pillars in your search engine optimization efforts. With it, you can give your page an SEO-friendly title (which shows up at the top of a Web browser), homepage description (which appears beneath your URL when people search for it via Google or other engine), and keywords related to your topic.

3. Redirection

The position of things on a site after it has been created may change. Content can get taken down or moved, which means URLs may change or disappear. One of the most unfriendly first impressions a visitor to your site can have is the dreaded “404: File not found” error message. The free Redirection wordpress plugins handles situations like these and more. It can automatically monitor changing URLs and create a 301 redirect.

 4. WordPress Database Backup –  By Austin Matzko

Think of this wordpress plugin as the ultimate WordPress safety net when disaster strikes. This sanity-saver backs up all of your files to either your server, desktop, or inbox once you select the frequency (hourly, twice daily, once daily, or weekly). Note that the speed with which your files are restored depends on the amount of content that’s been backed up.

5.  Dagon Design Site Map Generator – By Dagon Design

The plug-in generates a fully customizable sitemap that helps search engine spiders easily go through your blog content. Dagon’s tool manages this through multilevel categories, pages, and permalinks support. The plug-in lets you choose which links to display, their order, comment counts, and post dates. It has everything you need to create a highly searchable WordPress site for both search engines and your human visitors.

6. Google XML Sitemaps for Videos – By Digital Inspiration

If you want to be certain that Google, Bing and other search engines recognize and index your videos then Digital Inspiration’s Google XML Sitemaps for Videos plugin is your best bet. It does just that by generating a sitemap for your YouTube clips that can be embedded within some of your blog content.

7.  nRelate Related Content – By nRelate

nRelate is designed to help your visitors go deeper into your site by displaying related content as either thumbnails, text, or both. You can also set it up to display related content from sites in your blog roll if you so wish.

8.  Login Lockdown – By mvandemar

Login Lockdown is one plugin that I highly recommend for helping to prevent your site from getting hacked. It’s not foolproof, but it would certainly be helpful. It helps prevent brute force password discovery. It records the IP address and timestamp of every failed login attempt. If more than a predetermined number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range the login function would be disabled for all requests from that IP range.

9.  WPVN-Username Changer – By Minh-Quan Tran

The default username for a WordPress administrator is “admin”. Unfortunately this gives potential hackers a head start if they wish to misbehave. Using this plug-in helps to improve your blog’s security by changing the default “admin” administrator’s name to something of your choosing.

10.  Feedburner FeedSmith – By Steve Smith

This plugin enables you to promote your blog on the web, track your blog traffic, manage your feed, distribute blog posts via email, and much more. It also redirects your original WordPress feed to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every subscriber who digests your content via RSS readers.

by Lateef Olajide

I write, speak and coach about starting or growing business using new media.

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