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Are you thinking of starting a new business? Or did you need idea for growing your existing business. May be you are an information product creator looking for a business to write a how-to book or create a video tutorials on. The provides over 900 business ideas you can start now.

The business ideas are categorize into different industries, profession and interest. You can start some of the business at home and on part time. While some are full time business ideas. also provides the potential investment cost.

In video bellow I shared 3 different ways you can profit as an internet marketer  from information provided by

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If you want to make it online – don’t prepare.

Last weekend, I decided to listen to
some of my old motivational materials
as part of my preparation for new month
of july and final half of 2014.

I decided to do this to compensate for
the first half of 2014. I couldn’t do
much in first half 2014 because of ill health.

The first material I was inspired to
read happen to be ‘Beyond Manifestation’
package by Joe Vitale.

Beyond Manifestation was a recording of
a life workshop Joe Vitale did after
meeting Dr. Hew Len, the Zero-Limit

In the first part of Beyond Manifestation
program he narrated how he told Dr. Len
about his plan to organize Manifestation
weekend to share his experience of Dr.
Len’s work.

He was shocked with the response he got
from Dr. Len. According to him the doctor
said; “Joe, you’ll be fine. The one thing
that I tell you to do….” that is coming
from Divine is, “DON’T PREPARE.”.

Joe got shocked because he always PREPARE
for everything. I do and I bet you do too. So he decide to follow
Dr. Len’s advice. Instead of making plans
and preparing the event he choose not to
prepare and just send email to his subscribers
about the event.

He was shocked again to see dozens of
people registering for the event.

According to him, if he did it the usual
way of planing and preparing it would
have possibly take days, weeks and possibly
months or got abandoned.

I guess you can link this to a post I
made in the TMC forum not long ago about
‘selling first and creating later’. Joe’s
story is a perfect proof for it.

Michael Masterson also wrote about it in
his book titled “Ready, Fire, Aim – Zero
to $100 Million In No Time Flat’.

Robert Ringer Said same thing in his book
titled “ACTION! Nothing Happens Until
Somethign MOves’.

You’ve probably heard following 1 million
times too;

- failure to plan is a plan to fail.
- be prepared.

…planning and preparing may be good. But
they shouldn’t take place of immediate
action. That is what I’ve learnt from
my personal experience and
that of other people I’ve work with.

I bet you can remember number of plans
you’ve made that end up in waste bin.

In attempt to plan and prepare, we often

At the end, you don’t do anything before
moving to another idea.

Back to Joe Vitale’s story. After reading
what he said Dr. Len told him I asked
myself; what can I do now if I don’t have
to prepare?

Answer – Commit to getting knew result and let
people learn as you do.

I commit to earning $100,000 a month in
90 days or less starting with Zero.

I’ve earned and even lost more than that
to bad judgement within same period in
past but not with zero investment.

In order to ensure I make ‘Don’t Prepare’
my knew habit, I have started taking action
on my knew commitment.

I will be sharing every steps I take with
you. This will give you opportunity to
learn from my failure and success.

If you want me to share this with you email your full name & number to: nocost

7 Ways To Make Most of Your New Paypal Account As a Nigerian Internet Marketer

For years, one of the top 3 question in mind of average Nigeria internet opportunity seeker has been how can I open paypal account and have it verified. My answer has always be stay away from paypal. I knew it wasn’t answer most people expect. But knowing that two of my friends lost close to 8 million naira plus to paypal between 2003 and 2004 I couldn’t help with better answer.

However, that is over now has Paypal now officially accept Nigerians to open and use paypal account. To some people, this will be a dream come true. In fact to one of my mentor it is a prophesy come true. A mentor once prophesies  that it will get to a point that paypal and clickbank won’t have choice but to accept and trade with Nigerians.

How to make payment online – The transition

In the year 1999, I attended first internet marketing opportunity event in lagos. After the event I felt a need to know more about the whole internet business opportunity. I did some research online and discover some courses. I couldn’t pay because majority of vendors then accepts visa or mastercard credit card.

Paypal wasn’t that popular then. But when it became popular and almost all internet marketers started using it as a way to receive payment things even became more difficult. The only option then was to pay through ‘payment solution service providers that charge 25 to 40% of total payment value then. Then the services providers can only help you buy stuff. You can’t use their service to pay for adverts.

Some of the service provides later started selling pre-paid reloadable visa & mastercard which was a bit expensive. It was around this period that service like and were launched. Few years later things started improving.

It was a big relief when local banks started issuing visa and mastercard. Instantly buying things online became a bit easier. Paying for information products, online adverts, domain names, hosting services and many other stuffs became really easy. It open up a lot of opportunities to fellow nigerians. However, it wasn’t a final solution to payment challenge for internet marketers.

Most of our people on the other side of the world only accepts paypal. You have to still rely on online payment service provider to pay. Some local information marketer cooked up  ‘Black Hat’ plan to open & use paypal. They make a lot of money selling this guides when some of them don’t even have or use paypal. I know a friend that made N1.million in one week selling such guides. It was indeed a very serious issue.

When a member of our Tollgate Millionaires club shared the news few days ago that paypal will officially give nigerians and few other countries opportunity to open and use paypal I was a bit relief. Though paypal only allow sending of money for now.

Ways To make Most of Your New Paypal Account

Despite the fact that paypal only allow sending of cash for now, there are still few stuffs you can do as internet marketer.

Warrior forum WSo – Now you can take advantage of online courses and software being sold on at discount. You can even pay for your own wso easily now. Receiving payment for your wso launch won’t be difficult. Since paypal did not allow you to accept payment for now you can use other services we wrote about in past. One of such service is

However, if you have relationship with other marketers or associates outside the country that can accept payment for you it will be another option. I’ve done same thing in past. In fact, a fellow warrior help me to receive payment for my first ebook and sent it to me through western union.

JVzoo & – like you can buy and sell stuff on jvzoo & – outsourcing your service online is one of the fastest way to get things done, save time and achieve great result. It is a way to play the BOSS game. You can outsource almost every aspect of online business.

You can outsource niche & keyword research, article writing, report writing, ebook creation, graphics creation, site design, software programs among others. Services like freelance and other virtual assistance management companies only accepts paypal. Now that you have paypal with which you can pay the problem is solved. – outsourcing on sites like and employing virtual assistant on sites like are good. It can be a bit expensive at times most especially when what you have is a small task. Sites like offer opportunity of buying such simple tasks for $5. Before paypal open the door to nigerians the only option available was paying through service provider.

Using online payment service to pay such amount is not always easy because the amount is too small. You can do it yourself now.

Ebay – paypal automatically open door for trading on ebay. You can now buy on ebay and sell else where.

Arbitrage opportunity – now that you have paypal with which you can buy without any extra cost (i mean service provider cost), you can get job locally and pay somebody five dollars to do it on Sometimes in 2004 I read a post by a smart american internet marketer that got $85,500 job and paid a nigerian developer $500 to complete the job. I bet at the time the developer was happy to get the job. You can still do same today. Arbitrage is one of form of leverage we set up Tollgate Millionaires Club to tap into. You can read more about it if you click here.

Barter/Joint venture -  another form of joint venture/leverage method you can top into now that you can easily pay online with paypal. You will find several ideas inside Tollgate Millionaires club but I will give you little insight here. Let’s say you are starting a complete new project. You can build list of subscribers that you can sell to either as affiliate or information marketer starting from zero point.

First you need to identify an expert with good number of followers or subscribers. Then you need asset with which you can start a relationship with the expert. After that, you have to dig for things that will interest them. You then pay somebody on fiverr or any of the freelance to provide that. There are several services on fiverr you can take control off and use as asset for JV/barter deal. You build relationship and benefit from law of reciprocity. I bet you need further education on this. It’s hot and easy way.

There are several other things you will be able to do now with your ability to pay using paypal.

How to open paypal account, add your visa or mastercard, verify your card and raise your limit.

paypal account for nigeria

Click on sign up button.

how to open paypal account in nigeria

Ensure the country and region display is ‘Nigeria’.

Click on open an account under ‘individual’ account.

paypal account how to complete form

Fill the form.

On next page you will be required to add your visa/mastercard credit or debit card.

I use GTB visa debit card attached to my domiciliary account. I bet your bank also provide one too. Try that.

activate your paypal account


Login to your email box. Look for email from paypal requesting your to activate your new paypal account. Open it, read it and click on link to activate the account.

You can now login to your account.

Two important task once you login to your account.

1. You are required to verify your card so you can raise your limit. The verification process is simple. Simply click on the link. Before you do that ensure you have at least $2 on your card as they will charge $1.95 (they will return that later).

paypal verify your card

Once your card is charged. They will require you to copy 4 figures code that should reflect on your card account. You can find it when you login to your online account.


Login to your paypal account again, click on the link to verify your card with the code.

Your account is ready for transaction.

Closing Suggestions.

If you use ip changing software like hidemyass on your pc ensure you turn it off before using your paypal account. Login in using multiple geographical ip may leads to issues.

When completing the form ensure you use correct details.

Let us make the most use of the opportunity.

Hope will consider us soon too.



Are you into online business or businesses like affiliate marketing? Do you have difficulties cashing your hard earned money on time? You are not alone, many affiliate marketers have this challenge and the thought of it is a major concern for some would-be affiliate marketers. In this article, I am going to show you a comprehensive way to get a Payoneer Debit Master Card in Nigeria.

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an American company based in New York which allows you to receive your affiliate earned money faster and better as a Nigerian through their Debit Master Card. They have partnership with Master Card and also with some major American companies that allow affiliate marketing. So, if you are doing affiliate marketing with U.S based companies you will not have problems getting your money on time through PAYONEER. Even if the companies are not based in the U.S you can still check Payoneer’s web site or email Payoneer about the companies. Payoneer has so many partners.

How Do I Get The Debit Master Card?

It is not impossible to get the Debit Master Card directly from Payoneer website, but I believe it is better to go through one of their partners. So, go to one of their partners’ websites and apply for the Payoneer card by selecting Payoneer as the payment method for your account with the partner.  You will be directed to an online application page, which once submitted shall be reviewed by Payoneer within a couple of business days.  Once approved, an e-mail shall be sent to you notifying you that your card is being shipped. This e-mail shall include an estimated latest shipping date. In my case, I applied through FIVERR. Sign up for free with fiverr.


Do You Need A Fast Approval?

I know you will like to receive your Debit Master Card on time, what do you do to receive it fast? You will need any of the verifiable government documents like: National I.D Card, National Voter’s Card, International Passport, or a Driver’s License. Also, make available your recent passport photograph. I used my National I.D Card. Now, scan any of the documents you will like to use and your Passport Photograph. Make sure you scan the reverse side of the document. Let them be on your desktop. Now, visit FIVERR to apply for the Payoneer Card. [click to continue…]

If you want to get rich don’t read ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

I Now Know why….

Yes, I now know why the Richest people in days of Napoleon Hill banned his first book – The Law of Success.

think and grow rich book by napoleon hillsSee, I bet you’ve been advised to read the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ before. You’ve probably read it several times. I have. I have even bought for several people that I can’t remember now. However, as good as the content in the book is, it is not the original book.

Think & Grow Rich wasn’t the original book. It is The law of Success. Yesterday, I was doing research on importance of ‘Definite chief aim’. Anytime I’m doing research like that I always gather every book in my home library that I can find about it. And the book ‘The law of success’ by Napoleon Hills happen to be one of my collections.

After going through the part needed for my definite chief aim research I was tempted to read few other chapters.

That was when I got hooked.

I had to suspend other things for  this book.

I couldn’t even use the ‘fast reading method’ I learnt recently because every paragraph in this book is pure gold.  I am only half way through now.
With what I’ve read so far I can confidently tell you that you should read ‘The Law of Success’ instead of Think & grow rich.the law of success book by napoleon hill

My reason is very simple.

After reading the book ‘The law of  success’ think and grow rich look like summary of the awesome content.

There are dozens of powerful case studies in ‘The law of Success’ that I can’t find in Think & Grow Rich after reading it several times.

For example, I just finish reading a story of a young life insurance salesman who after listening to lecture on by the author on ‘IMAGINATION’ (which happen to be just one of the 16 factors in the book)  become most successful insurance agent.

How did he do it?

After hearing what was said on the subject of Imagination he began to apply what he had heard to his own problem of selling
life insurance. Something was said, during the lecture, about the value of allied effort, through which men may enjoy greater success by co-operative effort, through working arrangement under which each “boosts” the interests of the  other.

He made formulated plan where he gained co-operation of group of business men who were in no way connected with the insurance business. He use his imagination to solve business men’s problem and end up becoming a success. He gave businesses opportunity to give a thousand dollar insurance policy to every customer that buy X amount of product a month.

The business men find his concept of giving incentive to their customer without paying for it interesting. They boost their sales and the young insurance salesman get client without stressing himself. [click to continue…]