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How Jack Ma build Billion Dollars Internet Businesses Using Joint Venture System

Have you heard of Alibaba?

I’m not talking about Nigeria‘s #1 comedian.

I’m referring to Alibaba Group that own among other internet-based e-commerce businesses.  The company went public early this month and had a successful IPO.  The founder Jack Ma who found the company at the age of 35 said this in recent interview I read that –

“if you’re still poor at 35, you deserve it”

Nigerian is 54 this week.

Can we say Nigeria deserves it?

If you are already over 35 years of age and still not where you want financially can you agree you deserve it.

It is not late yet.

We’ve read story of a lot of people that started very late in their life and still died a multi-millionaire.

There are about a dozen billionaires on forbes Rich List that are over 75years of age.

Some of them had even lost it all couple of times and still end up making it back.

So, I think when you start doesn’t really matter.

Jack Ma started at 35. Today he is the richest man in China.

I did a little study about Jack Ma & Alibaba and what I discover is really Shocking.

Jack is 100% into joint venture marketing.  He truly understand how to use joint venture system.

He started Alibaba by selling his dream to 17 friends that contributed $60,000 in 1998 with which he started the first online marketplace – Alibaba Online.

That is a big LEVERAGE.

Another important point is that is not like other marketplace like amazon & ebay. Alibaba as an internet commerce company don’t hold inventory or sell goods.

It is a middleman that collects annual fees and commissions from larger merchants and advertising fees from smaller ones.

That is another big LEVERAGE.

If you understand the joint venture system:

– you can be a middleman, you can license your product or others, you can get control of  products without any investment,

– you can create new income generating opportunity from what a business already does

– you can find new ways to use/take your  business or other people’s business/product or service in other field.

– you can find new ways to use other companies and business assets, resources and activities.

– you can find new way to monetize their distribution situation and problems – profit from their problems.

– you can find new ways to supply the equivalent of capital.

You can do all that and many more by acting as a middlemen, joint venture broker, licensing expert or barter trade expert.

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How to make money as website designer using Joint Venture

make money online web designerAre you an established or new website designer that need more clients? or Are you a complete internet newbie that just need a way to make money online or offline without worrying about competition? If you answer yes to either of the question, you will find this article useful.

I got message from a subscriber few days ago. He said he hasn’t join Tollgate Millionaires club because he thinks it is just another make money online program about Joint Venture only. This article is my open response to him and others that are still sitting on the fence.

After exchanging few emails with the subscriber I discovered the fellow work in IT services company as a website designer for about N50,000 monthly salary.

How can he use tollgate millionaires system to his advantage?

Two ways – he can use the idea to get more business for his Boss. This will eventually increase his value to his employer and most likely better pay too.

He can as well use the idea to get job for himself while still working if he thinks more about job security. He can complete any work he get at home after work.

There are thousands of companies, associations, institutions and many more that don’t have website yet. Most of them don’t need more than two to 3 pages website. There are simple application he can use. Some of the apps doesn’t require more than 5 mins to install and another 1hr to edit.

What many people did not know is that over 70% of websites you see today are not codes. They are simple opensource app installations like wordpress and joomla. There are thousands of templates too. I wrote about this in past.

He can use different form of TMC joint venture system to get job. I will share one with you here.

See, TMC is about looking for opportunity for maximum leverage. Most website designers waste time advertising and trying to convince potential clients. That is hard way to get clients.

He can look for people that have his audience to recommend his service. There is this ‘Skill Development’ training company in town. I’ve been seeing there ad for some time now. They organizes trainings for people that are interested in public speaking and public speakers that want to improve their skill.

The training company didn’t offer any extra value to induce potential clients to patronize them. The use of inducement as bonus can help them sign up more people. My subscriber friend can contact this company and make them offer to give away free website design as bonus to their client.

That will instantly increase the value of the training company offer.

The best part is didn’t have to write this letter himself. There are different sample letters and templates he can copy and paste inside TMC member area.

Here is what you are probably thinking now; if he give website design service away how will he make money?

Here is how….

To set up a website there are few extra services that are very important:

1. Domain name registration
2. Website hosting
3. Content.

The potential client will most likely have contents already. And registering domain name is cheap. But my subscribers can make money as an web hosting affiliate. You’ve probably seen banner on this webpage. I earn $60 any time somebody sign up through my affiliate link.

So for the training company client’s to claim the free giveaway site they have to sign up with hosting service which my subscriber recommend. That way he will get paid instantly even before providing the service.

Opportunity for Backend

See, their is opportunity for couple of backend income too. Let me give you few ideas. The service my subscriber is giving away is just few pages, most likely 2 to 3 pages.

There are some of his clients that will need extra pages. Some will even need blogs on it. Some will require search engine optimization service so their site can be found on internet. And others will require social media marketing service. He can get paid providing all this services or acting as affiliate to other service providers.

Let’s do some calculations.

Let us say the Public Speaking company get 100 people that take their class in a month.

Let’s say 50 of them take the free website offer.

Let’s say the web hosting service my subscriber recommend pay $60 per account.

50 X $60 = $3,000

That will be about N500,000 income. Compare that to his present N50,000 a month.

You may be wondering where he will get time to complete 50 website. See, 3 to 5 pages website should take him more than 1hr or maximum of two hours to complete.

However, I won’t even suggest he do it himself at that point. He can also employ 2 people that will do it for him. Remember he doesn’t have to pay the 2 people until the end of the month or every two weeks at least.
Web Hosting Reseller Account

Truth is my subscriber friend doesn’t have to act as affiliate to web hosting company when he can sign up for web hosting reseller account that gives him opportunity to host unlimited site for less than $25 a month.

I hope after reading this article my friend will consider joining Tollgate Millionaires Club where he can learn more on he can use joint venture tools to make more money online and offline. Click here to join today.

The new way to make money online or offline as information marketer

information marketing nigeria

Information marketing is one of the popular way to make money online or offline. Information marketing is highly lucrative and profitable. Many people did not know that most of our religious leaders are information marketers. They make millions from selling information product.

They sells books, audio cd, video cd, kindle book, and some even have mentoring and coaching program. It is very, very lucrative. You create it once and sell it over and over again.

Many still wonder how successful Pastors like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome makes their millions. I came across a post on several months ago with the subject “Why Pastors Are Richer Than Their Members in Nigeria“. I try to access the link again while putting together this article but can’t find it again. I guess Nairaland lost it to her recent dos attack.

The post was a very interesting one. It gives idea of how Nigerians think about religious leaders in the country. Many believes they make all their money from tithes and donations. Some even think it’s not right for them to be rich. I don’t know why. What I think many did not know is that most of our religious leaders are information marketers.They sell books, speak at events and have mentoring programs. [click to continue…]

How Mr. X use power of leverage to drive new Porsche Car




I read story of a fellow that has passion of Porsche car not long ago. He would buy the latest Porsche at the beginning of the year and then trade it in the next year. He would drive the new one and drive the next new one next year and so forth.

You will agree with me that it is a very expensive proposition. This is because the fellow his buying at retail, and selling one year later at highly depreciated wholesale. It was a very expensive loss for the guy every year.

It got to the point that he was having difficulty affording his new Porsche every year. He had to figure out a really smart way to drive a brand new Porsche every year for the rest of his Life – and never have it comes him a dime. But instead get paid richly for the pleasure.

How did he do it? [click to continue…]

3 Ways to Massive Growth In Your Life And Business

One of the world marketing guru I admired a lot is Jay Abraham. He is an American business executive, conference speaker, and author. He is known for his work in developing marketing strategies. In most of his materials, he often repeat the fact that there are just three ways to grow any business.

 There are only three ways that any business can be grown. The first way is you increase the number of customers that you deal with. The second is you increase the amount of purchase or the size of the purchase those customers make. And the third is you increase the frequency or the repeat factor those customers do business with you. If you increase any one of those factors, you increase your business linearly or arithmetically. But if you increase all three the business grows by quantum leaps, because you bring to bear the quantum theory of geometric progression…

According to Jay, the 3 ways of growing business is very much applicable to personal living and growing richness of life too. Here is how Jay explains it in one of his classic material titled – “Your Secret Wealth”.

In business, the first way is to increase the number of customers. In life, your first way will be to increase the number of relationships you establish. And once you start developing these extra and expanded relationships, you’re not going to believe the byproduct of profitability and enjoyment that it produces, because relationships will breed relationships. People will introduce you to other people. Opportunities will be presented to you. Knowledge will reveal itself.

In the year 2007, a fellow internet marketer made a post in the popular internet marketing forum to connect warriors that will be attending the world internet summit in Singapore to save cost on hotel accommodation. His name his Dee Ferdinand. Though is arrangement, I met and live with 5 other brilliant marketers from other countries for days. I end up meeting other people too through my 5 co-tenants. [click to continue…]