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The Zero Hour – Tribute to best selling author and motivational speaker

best selling author myle munroeI’ve you ever thought of only thing most people think about when they are at the point of death?

See, I did today.

To be honest, I’ve been doing that for some time.

When I read about the death of the popular international motivational speaker and best selling author I ask myself same question.

It’s been long that I’ve been reading about Dr. Myles. However, I only started reading his books just few days ago. I bought ‘Understanding your potential’ and ‘releasing your potential’ titles about 3 weeks ago.

His death is a great loss for the whole world.

What could have occupied this great man’s death at the point of the plane crash?

I will assume it is praise and adoration for been able to touch other people’s life positively through his books, seminars, and workshops.

However, it is not all people that will have such experience at the point of death.

Not long ago, I had encounter with a successful business man that has ‘Terminal Disease‘. The doctors said he has just few weeks to live.

I didn’t expect anybody in this world to throw party upon hearing such news but at the same time I didn’t really expect him to be unhappy because I know he has been blessed by God with lot of things average human being can ever desire.

He is wealthy. He has happy family. He his blessed with 4 kids. All of them are graduates. He has several businesses home and abroad. Two of his son head most of his businesses. He has really enjoyed a lot of blessings in past 3 decades.

When I ask to know why he his unhappy I was shocked with his response.

He wasn’t unhappy because of the terminal disease. He wasn’t afraid of death.

He was unhappy for his inability to give more of his wealth and time to charitable course.

According to him, he planned to earn a lot of money, take care of his family and spend rest of his life giving to other people.

What will you do if you have just few weeks to live?

If you are reading this post and you don’t have terminal disease, you and I have great opportunity to make a difference.

See, I choose to help you and other subscribers more with your online business from now on.

However, I need your help to do that.

If you still read my email and read post on blog, I want to believe it is because I know something you can learn from.

Truth is, I do.

I know I’ve got something that can help you.

I want you to help me serve you more.

If you ever paid me for any services, ebooks, tutorial or program in past months or years click here.

If you’ve been reading my email and post for some time now click here.

Your response to the survey questions will help me in knowing how to serve you better.

To end this article I pray that the soul of Dr. Myles Munroe, wife and other victim of the plane crash rest in peace.

I will leave you with this quote from Dr. Myles:

Everything that happens in my life produce me, even the negatives, even things that I might have failed in, things I made mistake with are fantastic
classroom for me.

And I believe the best thing in life is not to regret and try to change what happen. But to interpret it properly, maximize and use it to serve other people. That’s what I want  to do with my life – Myles Munroe

God Bless Dr. Myles.

Nigerian DotCom Awards And how to get free website traffic using awards


In this short post I want to share with you what I read about Nigerian DotCom Awards and how to get free website traffic using awards and compiling ‘best of the best’ or ‘who is who’ list in your niche market.

I’ve not been a frequent facebook user for some time now. I’ve focus strictly on re-building my online assets and helping subscribers that believe in me do same.

Out of curiosity of knowing what’s going on facebook I decided to check in today and I didn’t regret I did.

The post I came across was that of  Dr.Ope Banwo requesting for people to vote for the ‘best internet marketer‘ of the year.

The award category happen to be one of over a dozen category of DotCom award.

I wasn’t surprise to read about the awards but I was surprise to see my name among people nominated as best internet marketer of the year.

First question I asked my self is; who nominated Lateef Olajide? And why?

You can see other nominees for same category here:

The DotCom Awards Nigeria – Sometime to learn…

To be honest I don’t know the intention of organizer of this award however I know it will definitely shape the industry and motivate both the existing practitioners and new dotcom guys to come up with more creative local content.

If you are just thinking of joining the industry I believe you can decide on a category explore after going through the list of dozens of category of awards by Dotcom awards.

awardsdotcomcategoryGo through the list of the categories.

Checkout Dotcom awards top finalist of the category.

Checkout the websites and look for the gaps.

One thing that I know is the opportunity for improvement in any of the category is still quite huge.

How To Grow Your Existing Online Project With Awards

One of the way to tap into traffic of top guns in any niche market is to curate list of the best of the best in the market. This can be a simple article post or as big as putting together awards.

One obvious thing that will happen is that almost all individual nominated will talk about the post or awards. They will share it to their audience through email and social media platforms. You will definitely get surge of traffic which you can capture through pop up or redirect to opt-in page after viewing the original page.

Their is opportunity to curate list in almost every niche market or industry online and offline that you can think of. If you want traffic. Go ahead and curate the list. Then contact people on your list to let them now about it. Watch out what will happen after that. I’ve used this method myself and I still see people using it successfully today online. It is one idea that can’t be over-used if you add little creativity.

Another Protege’s Big Breakthrough In Process

This post is just quick hint.

It is about another protege of
Lateef Olajide that is about to
write his own success story as
a software  (wordpress plugin) product seller.

Let me call him Mr. J for now.

After reading success story of another student of
mine, Abayomi, that create and successfully
launch a wordpress plugin Mr.J
decided to create his own product.

In fact he also choose to also create
wordpress plugin.

It’s been some months since he first
discuss his plan with me. For some
reason he couldn’t focus on it 100%
until recently.

I got alert from him yesterday. The
product is ready and he will be
launching it next week.

He already have couple of Big product
launch promoters on his team as joint
venture partner. This guys are frequent
faces behind success of few other product
launches online.

I see, Mr.J also having a successful
launch like Abayomi did.

One thing I find really interesting
about Mr.J’s story is that the plugin
he will be selling was created by a

I will tell you more about Mr.J
and his software in another blog

And if I have free time this weekend
I will create a step by step guide on
creating and launching your own
wordpress plugin without being a
software programmer and even if you
are completely new to internet marketing.

While waiting for Mr.J’s success story you can read Abayomi’s success story here:

End note: if these Nigerians are making it big online, earning more than a bank manager with phd earn in months just in days you can also earn good income online legitimately if you follow successful ways to make money online.

How a Nigerian Internet Marketing Student Earn $19,170 in 48hrs And What You Can Learn From It!

About 5 months ago, I shared with you story of how a student earned $1,342 in one weekend flipping simple websites. In case you missed it you can check it out here first – . The name of my guy is Abayomi Balogun. After I publish that story, he has sold several other websites and banked extra thousands of dollars doing so.

Most of the sites he sold were blog and wordpress based. Just like every other blogger, he has to install several plugins for each site. He found this time consuming and he decided to do something about it.

Having listened to my presentation of how easy it is to create software without writing a code, he decided to contact a programmer to create software for him that will make it easy to install several plugins at the click of a button.

The whole project took the programmer about 200hrs to put together.


He shared the free version of the plugin with few internet marketers and business owners online – they fell in love with it. So he put together sales system to sell the product.

The product was listed with to be sold for $47 per copy. You can check it here –

However, before launching the product online he decided to do a prelaunch on as special offer for $27.

In first 24hrs he sold 506 copies and earned himself $13,662. The success of the product attract the attention of the warriorforum special offer admin and they award it as the ‘wso of the day’.


Couple of warrior special offer’s affiliates decided to join the train by promoting the product to their list as affiliate. That leads to sales of extra 204 sales, making the total income $19,170 in 48hrs.

lateef olajide protege wso success

At the end of the special prelaunch, he sold a 1,000 and the total cash was $27,000. He paid about 13 active affiliates that helped in promoting the product about 50% of the total income.

Here is the Image we took before the end of the wso:

how balogun olusegun sell wso plugin

The product is presently being sold on for $47.

In case you are thinking why we had to celebrate this guy – I will tell you.

First, the figure may be small compared to hundreds of thousands you read about other guru’s online. Though, many of them don’t often make that much. But, what he earned in just few days is enough to pay 12 months of a banker (not evening beginner) in Nigeria. We can’t even compare it at all because the ‘banker’ have to wake up early every day and don’t often get home until late in the night.

Another reason is that this guy is still and undergraduate. If he is already earning five figure incomes as undergraduate working part time on his online business – you can guess how much he can earn by the time he has full time for his online business.


He almost quit his online dream about this time last year. I encouraged him not to quit and today I always thank God he follow my advice.

So, my advice to you today too is simple – don’t ever think of quitting if you are not making money now. You surely will when you start doing it the right way.


There are several business models you can work on as internet marketer. However, it’s not all that you can do most especially when you are just getting started.

This report is not another guide on making money online. It is just a case study. However, I will share with you few tips.

Sometimes early last year, I persuade Abayomi to put up a blog site and flip (flip means sell) it on to earn quick cash. He took my advice. He listed the blog site I hosted for him months before then for sale. He sold it for over $500. From that point, he started setting up simple blog site and putting it up for instant sale.

Your can read story of how he earn $1,342 in one weekend selling website here.

How a student earn $1,342 in one weekend selling easy to build website

It is after he has earned enough money doing that, that he decided to invest some of the money he earned to create the plugin he is selling now. You can start same way and also advance to ‘product seller’ level when you have more money to invest.

Note: This article was originally published for the first time in year 2011 as a special report. I post it here to support story of another net profits zone subscriber that is about to achieve same success.

Could this be the end of a multi-million nigerian internet blog business?


If you’ve been reading my post on net profits zone for some time now you will remember have been opposing relying on service like for business growth. Relying on such service take you out of control of what happen in your business. You can easily get out of business overnight. This is exactly what’s happening to Linda Ikeji now.

Last evening, a fellow shared a link where Linda talk about the guy (Mr Aye Dee) that’s been trying to bring here blog down. It was a long post. After reading the post I decide to check out her blog. I was shocked. The blog was already removed by google. Millions of naira monthly income buried.

linda ikeji blog

This is what happen when one rely 100% on free service like google, facebook etc.

The issues

I read that the guys actually tried several method in past to bring down Linda’s blog without success. Google only temporarily took away her google adsense account then. However, the guys used plagiarism complaint to brought her site  down this time.

I wrote in one of my past article that most of the content on Linda’s blog are not her own and anybody can replicate that. To be honest their is nothing bad in that. Most of the successful online media sites does exactly same thing regularly. In fact site like upworthy is build on 100% other people’s content. It is popularly known as CURATION. However, the only danger in it is if you fail to give credit to the original source.

However, what make it easy for google to remove Linda’s blog is because it is hosted on google’s blogger free hosting service called blogspot. If she host the blog on her own domain the worst google can do is to de-indexed her site. And I don’t that will affect her much because the blog didn’t rely on google search for traffic. She uses social sharing.

After little research I discovered that she already lost domain she could use to bad guys in domain buying and selling business. She should have negotiated for the domain and buy it back.

Could this be the end of a multi-million nigerian internet blog business?

I don’t think so. Or I should say I don’t pray so.

Though from my past experience with google I don’t see them reversing decision often. However, Linda’s site is a big national project. I pray and hope through google nigeria investigate and restore Linda’s blog. I think google can also loose some business if they don’t because most nigerian’s that uses blogspot will consider staying away.

And I hope she also negotiate getting her domains like and .net back.

Lessons in this for internet marketers and bloggers.

Never ever give away control of your business by relying on free service 100%. You can start with free service but immediately you start seeing growth do everything possible to backup. Whatever happen to your site you can always get back if you are in control. For example, got a very big blow from hackers not long ago. The worst they experience was lost of few data. It didn’t took them long to get back. I bet if it is hosted on free service too it will be long forgotten.

Whether it is hosting, distribution of content or traffic generation don’t rely on any of the big sites that offer free service. You can easily loose it fast. And overnight too. I am talking from personal experience. I hope you can learn from Linda’s story too.

If you want to start a web project register your own domain. Put yourself in control from start. If you start by using free service like blogger make sure you backup your content. Also, make sure you have growth plan in place too. If you want to distribute content or need to generate traffic don’t rely on a single source. Use as many service as possible and do your best to build list of subscribers.

Having your own list will put you in control. Google, facebook and others use the freemium model because they understand importance of building list. They are big email marketers. I’m not sure Linda has linda’s gist mailing list. If she does, she can get back fast even if google decided not to restore her site.

If you sell ebook don’t sell on amazon kindle alone. Use other services too.

If you have followers on twitter, facebook, linkedin find a way to get them to your mailing list.

If you have content on instagram, facebook, youtube, slideshare etc do your best to have copy on your own server.

Updated: Am glad google finanly restore Linda’s website.